Film | For Everyone A Garden

Safdie Architects with Shifting Vision

Shifting Vision produced a short film exploring Moshe Safdie’s metaphor “For Everyone A Garden”. The film was directed by Giulia Magno.

A film created by Shifting Vision spotlights Moshe Safdie's relationship with nature and how his connection with the garden has evolved throughout his architectural practice.

“When I coined the motto 'For Everyone a Garden,' I was thinking of housing and Habitat, and how every house should have a garden. As my practice diversified, I realized that the idea of the garden goes well beyond the home. It is true of a school, it is true of a hospital... The more I practice architecture, the more I realize that I'm in equal measure an architect and a landscape architect.” 

– Moshe Safdie

Shifting Vision explores the theme of 'Art and Actuality' – looking at how our perception of art, design and architecture changes over time in relation to current events. They are both a content creation platform and an archive for artworks, artists, and ideas. With both digital and physical projects, Shifting Vision brings together contemporary artists, curators, collectors, intellectuals and creatives, providing an intimate look at their creative processes.

Published in Media on March 20, 2023

Tags: Film