Quito, Ecuador: The Next Frontier

Architectural Digest

Full article at Architectural Digest or as a pdf download below.

The urban shift toward building taller and better in Quito, Ecuador has positioned the city as an emerging hub for significant projects by renowned architectural firms. As a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the city beckons global talent to play a part in densifying the city. Quito-based development company, Uribe & Schwarzkopf, engages exceptional architects to transform the skyline – and make way for a new type of citizen. 

Giving the urban streetscape liveliness, it is Uribe & Schwarzkopf’s hope that these buildings attract luxury-level residents to make the move into the city. Moshe Safdie is among the list of architects at the helm of this development alongside admired Jean Nouvel, Bjarke Ingels, and Carlos Zapata.  

Read about Safdie Architects’ 24-floor residential Qorner Tower, with a staggering façade, garden wall and photovoltaic panels in Architectural Digest’s article. 

Published in Media on November 18, 2019