Habitat in Nature

The evolution of Habitat ’67’s essential ideals as realized through Habitat Qinhuangdao

The new film, Habitat in Nature, investigates how the initial ideas of Habitat ’67 have evolved and adapted to inform and inspire Habitat Qinhuangdao. Through firsthand interviews with residents of both Habitat ’67 in Montreal and Habitat Qinhuangdao in China, the film accents the lasting impact the Habitat model has on the built environment and on the lives of its inhabitants.

©A Meeting with Architects by I-TALK.

Executive Producer, Jula Zhu  | Director Jia Li

Featured Residents

François Leclair, Eve-Lyn Biron, Byron and Dexter Peart  (Habitat '67, Montreal)

Wangange Bao, Xu Xie  (Habitat Qinhuangdao, China)

Published in Media on August 12, 2021

Tags: Film