Safdie Architects Selected to Design New Library and Civic Center in Boise

The Boise City Council unanimously approved the selection of Safdie Architects for the conceptual design of a new cultural and civic center in downtown Boise. The Center will include the main library, a home for the Boise Department of Arts & History, and a new performing arts venue.

“The City of Boise has a clear vision for how the new Boise Library can be a gateway to the city,” said Moshe Safdie. “The building program, the public engagement process, and the site itself will be the foundation of a design solution unique to Boise, one that reflects its highest aspirations and values as a community.”

“We were drawn to work with Safdie Architects to realize our vision of Boise’s new library campus,” said Mayor Dave Bieter. “Their depth of experience designing libraries and cultural gathering spaces around the globe is characterized by a commitment to the public realm. The new main library and cultural space will be a source of pride for generations to come.”

Safdie Architects will be collaborating with Boise-based CSHQA Architects and former Salt Lake City Librarian Nancy Tessman.

Read the full press release from the City of Boise on their website here.

The announcement was also covered by the Idaho Statesman. Read the article "Boise could land a world-renowned architect for its library" here, or download the pdf below.

Published in Media on February 14, 2018