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Gallery Talk with Safdie Architects

Offering a more in-depth look at the design process, Safdie Architects’ Senior Partner Jaron Lubin, Designer Natalie Wanjek, and Processing Archivist Annie Fisher join exhibition Designer Junko Yamamoto to discuss the work and processes highlighted within the exhibition. 

The team together led a dialogue centering on Safdie Architects' most significant unbuilt works and their importance to both the history and direction of the evolving practice. The Gallery Talk took place at McCormick Gallery at Boston Architectural College on Wednesday, December 14th 6:00pm.

The Gallery Talk offers a glimpse into Safdie Architects' design process – through using physical models to manifest big ideas and utilizing the archive as a resource, the four crucial curators of "With Intention to Build" share their unique experience practicing with Safdie Architects and their take on the exhibition. Watch the full Gallery Talk below.

“We have a fascination with all kinds of technology in our office, but at the end of the day if it does not make sense in a physical model it does not move forward.”

Jaron Lubin, Senior Partner

“Back in the early 90’s, Moshe Safdie decided that he wanted to donate his collection to McGill University, his alma mater. That was about 40 years of material from projects. It is a testament to his foresight that this kind of collection is so unique and would be a great gift to researchers, historians, and students.”

Annie Fisher, Processing Archivist

Watch the full With Intention to Build Gallery Talk:

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Produced by Boston Architectural College & Bearwalk Cinema

Published in Events on December 14, 2022