Lecture | Towards a Three-Dimensional Garden City

Moshe Safdie, in conversation with Jaron Lubin, speaks to AIA's young leaders

Moshe Safdie delivers a lecture to the scholars of AIA Colorado’s Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program (CKLDP), moderated by Jaron Lubin. On par with the program's session, “Research, Education, and Technology,” Mr. Safdie and Mr. Lubin discuss the future of tall buildings in the city as it appears in both research and practice. They illustrate how the explorations of various research fellowships, academic studios, built and unbuilt projects have informed each other and driven the practice forward.

AIA Colorado’s Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program (CKLDP) is a national program that aims to train the next generation of leaders in architecture through a series of eight sessions focused on a variety of topics. The curriculum focuses on honing skills like entrepreneurship and firm management, teamwork and collaboration, negotiation skills, client development, community leadership, and understanding industry trends. 

Published in Events on April 9, 2021

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