David's Village

Jerusalem, Israel, 1998 / Built

David’s Village is a residential community sitting on the south bank of Hinome Valley in Mamilla Center. Totaling 200 units, the terraced luxury apartments overlook the city wall and follow the natural topography of the site. The Village includes uniquely designed bridge units that span over pedestrian walkways and gardens with hidden below grade car park areas. The new buildings are carefully woven into the historic city fabric.

The design is part of the Mamilla Center master plan, which was developed and implemented over a 40 year working relationship with the client. The plan for the 28-acre site comprises also a central business district and mixed-use areas in a former no-man's land between the city's Israeli and Jordanian sections. The village community is located within a park on the south bank of the master plan.

The original site had been heavily impacted by the 1948 War of Independence, but through the new contextual building and abundance of natural landscape, it has been restored as a garden neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The community is comprised of low height buildings keeping with the architectural scale of the old city.