Harvard Rosovsky Hall

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994 / Built

As a cultural and spiritual center, Rosovsky Hall sits on a diagonal axis to the busy thoroughfare of Mount Auburn Street, while the open tower dome is a welcoming forecourt to this district of campus.

Rosovsky Hall is the home of the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel, a service organization that provides Jewish educational, cultural, religious, and social opportunities for students and faculty. Located in the heart of the undergraduate campus, off Harvard Square, the centerpiece of the 19,500-square-foot building is a circular courtyard defined by three skylit, vaulted spaces. This versatile garden courtyard can accommodate a sukkah during festivals as well as outdoor and tented activities. On the ground floor of the building is a student lounge, a dining hall, and a multipurpose room. The upper floor features a library, offices, and multipurpose rooms for worship and meetings.

The outdoor gathering space is open on the public side and sits slightly above street level.

Site Plan.

Detail of skylight.

Skylights bring daylight into the building and animate the interior rooms.

The building is clad with brick and precast concrete and has a leaded copper roof. The courtyard is enclosed by load-bearing steel columns.

In Use