Holland Village

Singapore, 2018 / Unbuilt

The proposed extension of Holland Village projects a new mixed-use typology that combines high-density urban development with human-scaled experiences and amenities, staying true to this historic district’s character as a special enclave in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

The public realm in Holland Village proposes a series of alleys and passages in a relaxed geometry intersecting at random angles. Taking their cue from the existing curving road form of Lorong Mambong, they extend and complete the loop of circulation of the village, while also meandering around the entire precinct. At the points of intersection, larger spaces are created to form quaint piazzas of varied shapes and definition.

Within the public realm, there are different levels of roofscape offering a variety of amenities. An Urban Farm serves and connects the local population. A Village Green creates flexible communal space with a responsive water feature allowing for multiple functions— weekend Farmers’ Markets, food truck events, or for a wide array of performances, displays, and other community programming. Additionally the design includes multiple public and private gardens to be enjoyed by both the permanent and transient population living in the development. Art installations by local and international artists are placed in prime public locations throughout the Village.

Instead of working with the typical high-density residential tower, the new typology creates clusters of village-like housing stacked up to meet modern goals for density. The clusters are further articulated by a stepping operation which serves to provide every unit with private outdoor space, and cultivates the feel of a hillside community overlooking the rest of the Village.

The extension is punctuated by a series of entirely new green amenities, most notably the introduction of large Communal Skygardens in the residential clusters.

The six-storey open Skygardens are integrated into the ventilation and circulation systems, and are accessible to all residents.

Approximately 35,000 square feet of flat roofs of the commercial blocks will be dedicated to urban farming.


In this animation, explore the features of the proposed extension of Holland Village in Singapore.

Illustrations by Hong Teng