Marina Bay Sands - ArtScience Museum

Singapore, 2011 / Built

The Artscience Museum located along the Marina Bay Sands waterfront co-locates exhibits that bridge the relationship between Arts and Sciences. The museum is organized as two major exhibition spaces, positioned around a central open-space atrium. The first exhibits hover within a sculpturally shaped form over the promenade, and a second collection of gallery spaces are located beneath a large water lily garden.

The building is supported by a steel lattice diagrid structure and ten steel columns –a sculptural centerpiece that allows the building to seemingly float above. The geometry of the shape is often compared to a lotus, and is clad with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), typically used in high-performance racing yachts.

The museum hovers over the Marina Bay waterfront promenade and a reflecting pool lily pond.

Building Section

The dish-shaped roof form collects rainwater and drains it through an oculus, creating a waterfall through the open-air atrium of the museum.

The upper galleries are organized into 10 halls that vary from double height vertical spaces, to long horizontal rooms. Each hall has access to daylight from skylights above and from the central atrium. Integrated lighting control mechanisms allow the spaces to be transformed to black boxes. Large picture windows from within the galleries offer views to the promenade below.

The museum hovers over the waterfront promenade and lily pond below.

Geometry of the ArtScience Museum