Surbana Jurong Campus

Singapore, 2023 / Built

The campus has been designed with both the Surbana Jurong community and the community-at-large in mind, creating uplifting spaces that maximize the potential for shared moments of engagement and creativity facilitated by the tranquility of the site’s natural setting.

Embodying the character of Singapore as the “the City in the Garden,” the design of the Surbana Jurong Headquarters Campus will integrate harmoniously with the natural landscape. Situated on a previously undeveloped greenfield site, the campus will be the initial flagship development of the Jurong District Eco-Garden, set within CleanTech Park.

The campus’ series of pavilion-like structures are linked by a glazed pedestrian spine and a series of both open-air and enclosed courtyards, each with a unique character, that provides natural light and fresh air. Amenities, shared by the public and employees further enhance the experience, including lounge areas, table tennis, a beer garden, an open-air cinema, meeting spaces, an urban farm, butterfly habitats and rooftop terraces. Additional spaces will take advantage of natural views, such as a 1,200-seat multipurpose hall built with a windowed backdrop looking onto the garden.

The project is slated to receive a Platinum rating from Singapore’s GreenMark program for environmentally sustainable buildings.

The design is premised around preserving as much of the site’s mature trees and vegetation as possible. At the outset, a detailed mapping and analysis of the site was performed to plot the specific location of all the Banyan, other specimen trees, and unique species of flora.

The campus is composed of a series of treehouse-like pavilions united by a central pedestrian ‘street’ that interweaves interior and exterior landscapes, creating a unique network of offices embedded within the surrounding parkland.

The north courtyard contains the shared meeting center and is quieter in nature, lushly planted to create intimate spaces within the gardens, while the south courtyard is much livelier as it hosts the cafeteria program and therefore is primarily a hardscaped piazza punctuated by more formal planting.

While expansive at 68,915 square meters (over 740,000 square feet), the project is scaled to be mindful of the individual experience for the 4,000 on-site employees, as well as those who will have direct access to campus amenities from the adjacent employment areas.


Construction Photos