Book | Jewel Changi Airport

The story of Jewel

Since opening in April 2019, Jewel Changi Airport has captured the imagination of a worldwide audience with its interwoven experience of people, nature, and commerce. The story of its creation is one of integration and intensive - often groundbreaking - collaboration between a team of global experts and a visionary client willing to advance the future of aviation design.

In the recently released publication, Jewel Changi Airport, Safdie Architects and key collaborators expand upon the genesis of the design and the immense technical challenges faced while executing this transformative project. Richly illustrated, the book offers a rare look into the analysis, systems, and thought leadership that created a public space like no other in the world.

Released by Images Publishing, the book includes essays from Moshe Safdie, Liew Mun Leong (Chairman, Changi Airport Group), Lee Seow Hiang (CEO, Changi Airport Group), architecture critics Sam Lubell and Martin Pedersen, as well as team members from Buro Happold, PWP Landscape Architects, Atelier Ten, and Safdie Architects.

“To create something so different, so profound, requires another prerequisite for a true wonder: pushing beyond what has been done before, and beyond what is comfortable. In Jewel’s case this required a level of sophistication, coordination, and risk that was a marvel in itself. Its concept was at once perfectly simple and astonishingly complex. In execution, the impossibly multifaceted interaction of its parts and its players more resembled a symphony than a typical work hierarchy or organizational chart.”

-Sam Lubell, Editor

The book is available online for purchase.