Exhibit | Never Built New York

Moshe Safdie's proposed project Habitat New York was included in an exhibition of speculative work for the city of New York at the Queens Museum.

As described by the Queens Museum:

Hidden behind New York City’s iconic skyscrapers, sprawling subway system and world famous public parks is the ghost of the city that could have been – a parallel metropolis that can reveal the city’s goals, strengths and challenges.

Never Built New York, co-curated by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, and designed by Christian Wassmann invites visitors to discover the New York City that might have been through original prints, drawings, models, installations, and animations. While it may be impossible to re-imagine New York, Never Built explores a city where you could catch a football game in Manhattan, travel via a floating airport, and live in an apartment also acting as a bridge support.

Exploring the alternative paths New York City could have traveled encourages us to think beyond the present tense and push the boundaries of what the future of the metropolis holds.

Read the full description at the Queens Museum website and download the Museum's exhibition brochure below.

Published in Events on September 17, 2017

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