Lecture | Brisbane Open House

Charu Kokate delivered the inaugural BOH International Lecture

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Brisbane Open House hosted an inaugural International Lecture series – an annual endeavor to exhibit Brisbane in a growing international context. For this momentous occasion, Charu Kokate, Principal and Director of Safdie Architects, Singapore delivered the lecture titled “Shaping Singapore.”

As Project Architect for the celebrated Jewel Changi Airport and Marina Bay Sands, Charu is at the helm of making Moshe Safdie and team’s vision a reality. Focusing on creative processes and project delivery, Charu emphasized the first principal of Safdie Architect’s designs: “It has to fit within the context and feel like it has an extension of the city.”

The event description lists additional topics included in this signature event, including: How does the Singapore Government’s strict planning regulations allow for and inspire such creativity? What kind of magic must it take to design and construct these incredible beauties without sacrificing environmental considerations? How does one person wrangle the team, stakeholders, budget and resources to bring these complex projects to completion?

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Published in Events on October 3, 2019