Lecture | Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Charu Kokate on “Building with Purpose”

Charu Kokate, Principal and Director of Safdie Architects’ Singapore office, presented at the 2019 Green Building Congress in Hyderabad, India. Attended by over 3,000 participants from several countries, the theme of the conference was ‘Green Built Environment for Planet and People.’ The mission of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is to promote green buildings and sustainability in the Indian Built Environment. Their flagship event drew in 150 leading National and International experts to converge at the 3-day event and share with the audience their thoughts and perspectives on building sustainability.  

At the session titled “Latest Architectural Trends in Building Design,” Charu Kokate spoke on Building with Purpose: How a building must give something back to its neighborhood.

Published in Events on September 26, 2019