Lecture | "Nature and Urbanism: Reimagining the Public Realm"

Moshe Safdie delivers virtual keynote at AIA International Region Conference

November 17, 2020: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) International Region's conference, titled "Catalyzing Change," sought to embrace the opportunity presented by the many challenges society is facing in 2020 and identify potential for growth and change, stating "Now more than ever, we appear to be at a tipping point, the threshold of which has been spreading across the globe."

The 5-day, round-the-clock virtual conference spanned the globe with lectures, panels and discussions debating and celebrating how architecture can be at the forefront of meaningful change that responds to our current crises of climate action, social justice, and health & well-being.

Moshe Safdie delivered a keynote lecture that reimagined the public realm - illuminating how being thoughtful about nature and urbanism can present solutions.

"Crisis can yield renewal. This is the moment to repossess the public realm and to consider it in more ambitious terms... as something that could be wholesome, enriching, and uplifting to our society and to our communities.” 

– Moshe Safdie

Are there limits to density? As cities become more dense one must investigate new ways to extend the public realm in three dimensions.

Published in Events on November 17, 2020