Article | Our Housing Could’ve Been Beautiful. It Can Still Be. How Expo 67 Shows Us A Way Out of 2023’s Problems

The Toronto Star

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Taylor C. Noakes’ piece for The Toronto Star discusses the housing revolution born from Habitat 67, and how Safdie Architects’ collaboration with Epic Games and Neoscape in Project Hillside further solidifies Habitat as an apt solution to Canada's housing crisis. “The genius of Habitat is that it addresses all the major problems with high-density urban residential construction, problems that have continued to bedevil North American cities for half a century since. Safdie’s solution to the urban housing problem almost boils down to doing the exact opposite of most of the dominant trends at the time, trends that maddeningly persist to this day," writes Noakes. 

“These design elements, which emphasized the privacy and proximity to nature sought by suburbanites, were balanced with design elements meant to foster a close-knit sense of community in a densely populated urban environment.”

— Taylor C. Noakes

Published in Media on June 18, 2023

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