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"Thoughts on Biophilia" by Moshe Safdie is featured in the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly issue, Outside In: Cultivating Biophilia in Design. Reflecting on a childhood in Haifa and reinforced by youthful idealism, Moshe Safdie's motto "For Everyone a Garden" can be seen in practice across Safdie Architects' body of work from public sky gardens to terracing residences, even airport oases. The piece expands on the criticality of this concept as we move forward in an urban environment of ever-increasing densities. 

"Today there is a clear trend, a recognition (apart from the constraints of global warming and the urgent need for sustainable development) that dense urban development must be integrated with nature in such a way that the old dividing line between city and countryside becomes blurred."

Moshe Safdie

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Published in Media on July 31, 2022

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