Award | Jewel Changi Airport is 2018 Innovation by Design Awards Finalist

Fast Company

The 2018 Innovation by Design Awards honor the designers and businesses solving the problems of today and tomorrow.  Jewel Changi Airport is a Finalist Honoree as part of the The Spaces, Place, and Cities category.

Reconfiguring our relationship with public spaces, Jewel Changi Airport presents a new design philosophy that bridges public and private space. As the focal point of a major international transportation hub, the project infuses the traditional shopping mall with a monumental garden designed to serve as a public amenity for travelers and residents alike. Jewel Changi Airport is not a garden-themed mall.  It is a marketplace and a public space garden, positioned side by side—a new type of building block that enriches and enlivens the city.  

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Published in Media on September 14, 2018

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