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To celebrate the upcoming release of Moshe Safdie’s memoir If Walls Could Speak: My Life in Architecture, Moshe Safdie joined DESIGN:ED, an architecture podcast to discuss his 50 years of architectural practice and design concepts. Host Aaron Prinz guided a series of reflective conversations, from Moshe practicing under Louis Kahn to the completion of the recent Albert Einstein Education and Research Center, as well as  the prospect for Safdie Architects. Getting personal – Moshe touches on his proudest moment in architecture and his biggest setback. 

"Well, my younger self didn't do too badly, but I would say to a 12 year old young man: if you're inclined to architecture, first you really got to love it, be totally passionate about it, because without that it's not sustainable. And there are very tough moments, because by definition you have to change the system, stretch it, or modify it to achieve something that's different from the standard methodology of day"

Moshe Safdie

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Published in Media on September 12, 2022