Video | The Future of Architecture and Urbanism Post-Covid

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Moshe Safdie joined Anchor Haslinda Amin virtually from Singapore to discuss architecture and urbanism during the COVID and post-COVID-era. In conjunction with Safdie's opinion-piece responding to President Biden's $1.2-trillion Infrastructure law – published by Bloomberg's CityLab days prior – Haslinda questions "How can the U.S. build megaprojects again?" Safdie elaborates the U.S. is hampered in three ways: (1) Permitting, zoning, community input and approval, (2) The speed of construction and (3) A dearth of design. With deep experience in the design and implementation of projects on a large scale in Asia and North America over a career span of 50+ years, Safdie contributes a unique perspective and thoughtful solutions. 

Published in Media on January 19, 2022

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