Product | Ode to Delaunay

Moshe Safdie designs timepiece

To raise collective consciousness of innovative design, Project Watches is dedicated to celebrating the role that architecture and design play in our daily lives through unique watch design – architecture you can wear.

In partnership with Project Watches, Moshe Safdie designed ‘Ode to Delaunay’: “The unique analog timepiece is inspired by French artist Robert Delaunay who co-founded the Orphism movement noted for its use of strong colors and geometric shapes. 

The watch is made up of three colorful spinning discs revealing hours, minutes, and seconds through open holes cut into them. As they rotate, the composition of circular geometries constantly shifts in homage to Delaunay’s 1938 painting, Rythme n°1. Even at a quick glance, the mesmerizing movement of colors and shapes constantly work to ensure complete clarity within the design.

This playful timepiece is housed behind a glass lens; its colorful watch-dial framed like a painting beneath the black IP stainless steel case. Measuring 40mm in diameter and 9.5mm in thickness, the watch is available with a 20mm black leather band.”

To see more, or to purchase the watch, visit Project Watches.

Published in Events on February 11, 2020