Article | Epic Games creates virtual model that realises Moshe Safdie's full vision for Habitat 67


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The Dezeen article by Ben Dreith provides an overview of Safdie Architects' collaboration process with Epic Games and Neoscape to create Project Hillside, an interactive model hosted on Unreal Engine that brings Moshe Safdie's original vision for Habitat 67 to virtual reality.

To visualize the complete design of Habitat 67, Safdie Architects further elaborated on elements of the original masterplan. By referencing the schematic drawings from the 60s, Safdie's team paid special attention to interpreting the interconnectivity between diverse building programs, assessing the structural feasibility, considering the functionality of the water features and gardens, as well as the intricate network of pedestrian and vehicular connections and how they relate to each other in the overall site plan. In collaboration with Epic Games and Neoscape, Project Hillside gives both a new generation of audience and Safdie himself, now 84, an opportunity to experience what Habitat 67 could have been in its entirety.

"Here it is – 60 years since I designed it, it seems as fresh and relevant to me as then, if not more. Project Hillside was an opportunity to actually go, not quite into the building, but to experience it in a way that I could not have imagined when I designed it."

— Moshe Safdie

Published in Media on June 1, 2023

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