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“Garden of Wonder” is a joint effort between Safdie Architects and filmmaker Helen Han. The film depicts the generosity of public space within Jewel Changi Airport while also portraying its multilayered spatial moments – interweaving both intimate and grand scale conditions. Highlighting the choreography and curation of light, nature and water, it captures the atmosphere and experience of being in Jewel, expressing Architecture’s aspiration to connect viscerally.

Han’s filmic work in architecture is a collaborative effort between herself and the architects to visually communicate the layered nuance between abstract conception, spatial intention and architectural execution.

“I recognize the privilege to be able to study and to be exposed to the profession of architecture. I offer my work as a shared lens, to expose and expand people’s critical comprehension of the role of architecture in shaping the global environment.” - Helen Han

The project was shot over the course of four days in October 2019 during the Official Opening of Jewel Changi Airport. 

"Garden of Wonder"
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Published in Media on October 18, 2020

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