Postcast | The Future of Tall Buildings

Human City hosted by Stig Terrebonne

Jaron Lubin, Principal at Safdie Architects, is interviewed for an episode of Human City. The Human City podcast investigates “what makes our bursting cities human and how this may liberate our growing urban population.” Focused on issues of urbanity and community, past guests of Human City include a range of international planners, policy makers, urban designers, etc. The host, Stig Terrebonne, and Jaron discuss the philosophy and practice of Safdie Architects. Jaron reflects on how a small, atelier-type environment is conducive to human-centric design, even when working on large-scale projects or international partnerships. Both in practice and academically, while he and Moshe Safdie taught an Option Studio at Harvard GSD, Jaron speaks on his interest in the urban landscape beyond that of the vertical extrusion. 

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"When you're working in an environment where there are incentives put out by the government to encourage creative thinking about what a tower can be, like really sophisticated zoning both at ground level and in the sky, then it doesn't take a firm of exceptional creative merit, it's just what you do. When everyone follows these criteria, everyone wins and the city skyline quickly evolves into something that we haven't seen before."

- Jaron Lubin

Published in Media on December 10, 2020