Lecture | "A City is for the People: New Collaboration Models for the Built Environment"

Jaron Lubin presents during live program at CTBUH Post Crisis City Conference

“We would like to call for action to rethink how policy makers and architects can work together to bring some of these ideas back home.” 

– Jaron Lubin

November 17, 2020: Jaron Lubin presented alongside esteemed colleagues from around the world to discuss what the future of cities could look like post-COVID.

In his talk, Lubin discussed how quarantine has highlighted the glaring importance of well-designed buildings, requiring those of us living in cities and beyond, to pause and ask—is this working?

With a new focus on our physical space—how it shapes our every day and impacts our long-term mental health, physical health and well-being—we can take this moment to move toward a more humane city, with housing, office and public spaces that prioritize people's quality of life. Aside from innovative designs, what policies can be put in place that will allow us to rethink our built environment? What is the role of the city planner and the city authority to guaranteeing a minimum standard of living? How can developers be incentivized to provide certain features and amenities, without sacrificing their pro formas?

Published in Events on November 17, 2020

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