LuOne Mixed-Use Complex

Shanghai, China, 2023 / Built

Located in the old Luwan district at the heart of Shanghai, the LuOne Mixed Use Complex co-locates an eight-level retail pavilion and a 35-story office tower to create a nexus for community life and a hub for dynamic businesses.

On the corner of two main arteries, the retail volume steps back from Madang and Xujiahui Roads to define gracious promenades that draw pedestrians inside. A two-story bronze colonnade wraps the lower stories of the façade and frames the entrances to the gallerias.

Once inside, visitors can perambulate between restaurants and retail spaces organized around three galleria that converge at a triangular atrium garden in the center. The atrium is bathed in natural light through a grand toroidal dome skylight that springs from a central stem support.

The skylights above each of the gallerias radiate out from the dome and provide generous amounts of daylight to the lowest level of the project, two floors below the street. Eight levels of retail, restaurants, and cinema theaters culminate in a publicly accessible landscaped roof terrace.

On the northeast corner of the site, a 526,000 square foot (48,900 square meter) office tower integrates synergistically with the retail program. Three elevations of the trapezoidal tower are clad in sandstone colored pre-cast panels that frame floor-to-ceiling windows, which are slightly recessed to soften sunlight and shade interior spaces.

At the vertex of the trapezoid tower, a series of seven corner gardens overlook Shanghai. Within each four-story atrium, an oval planter anchored by mature shrubs and trees provides seating and a vantage point to take in the view. Planters also descend from the ceiling to create the illusion of greenery climbing the height of the tower.

The four-stories above the colonnade are clad in a monumental kinetic art installation by the celebrated American artist Ned Kahn. Hundreds of thousands of anodized metal panels, hung on horizontal rods, sway in response to the wind, and create complex ever-changing patterns.