Marina Bay Sands - Crystal Pavilions

Singapore, SG, 2011 / Built

Conceived as a pair of transparent islands floating on the water, the two Crystal Pavilions are a further attraction adding to the vibrant Marina Bay waterfront promenade experience. Visitors gain access from crossing bridges to the buildings, or via underwater tunnels that connect directly to the Marina Bay Sands retail mall.

The Crystal Pavilions are positioned along each side of the Marina Bay outdoor Event Plaza, and are designed to accommodate restaurants, retailers, and night club tenants. Their distinctive geometric forms animate the views from the promenade, reflecting views of the sky, city, and water during the day, and transforming to glow as dramatically lit beacons by night.

Primary access to the pavilions are via underwater tunnels connecting to the retail nodes at the Marina Bay Sands.

View to promenade bridge connections.

The pavilions are filled with natural daylight. The north Crystal Pavilion is home to the Louis Vuitton Island Maison.

View from the waterfront promenade.

Geometry of the Crystal Pavilions