Lecture | Revestir Brazil Conference

Sean Scensor and Isaac Safdie present at the 2021 International Forum of Architecture, Design, and Construction

Presenting virtually together from the United States and Brazil, Sean Scensor (Partner) and Isaac Safdie (Associate) discussed the design and construction of the Albert Einstein Education and Research Center (AEERC) opening later this year in São Paulo.

In the context of Safdie Architects’ notable global work, the team gave an in-depth look at the conceptual drivers behind the unique design, as well as the technical and construction details and onsite challenges that have been part of its realization.  

 The joint lecture explains how two of Safdie Architects’ leaders worked together across hemispheres to design and execute its first project in Brazil, adapting to local culture, materials and the capabilities of the Brazilian construction industry.

Published in Events on March 21, 2021