Article | 16 Global Design Concepts for an Unpredictable Future

The New York Times

Safdie Architects' Serena Del Mar Hospital is featured in the New York Times' list of 16 Global Design Concepts for an Unpredictable Future. The list, with select examples of finding inspiration despite global upheaval, underscores creativity's perseverance, capability and impact — "Healing with a hand from Mother Nature," for instance. The new hospital in Cartagena, Columbia, "opened in January with its more than half a million square feet (and more to come) oriented toward courtyards, gardens and a bucolic lake... Can a better view help you heal? The hospital puts this question to the test by making pastoral panoramas visible from most interior spaces — including the emergency room."

"The goal was to avoid institutional anonymity in favor of a new kind of hospital: highly efficient but inherently humane.”

– Sean Scensor, lead architect

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Published in Media on March 28, 2021

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