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Jaron Lubin presents at 100+ TechnoBuild

The Construction Forum at 100+ TechnoBuild is a 3-day conference hosted in Russia, devoted to discussing the trends of the city of the future. On the final day of the conference, Jaron Lubin's presentation stresses that the balance of design thinking and smart policy practice is a trend worth considering. He stressed the challenges the profession faces in trying to strike this balance, especially in places where policies are weak or even non-existent.  

“Where many designers today invest energy in aesthetics and fashion alone, we must seek new metrics to define a path for more of us to influence the design of the built environment for the better.”

Looking back at 60 years of the Safdie Architects’ practice, Jaron highlights the ‘Habitat Bill of Rights,’ a document co-created by Moshe Safdie, Balakrishna Doshi, George Candalis, Josep Lluis Sert and Nadar Ardalan, and presented to the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in 1976.  This document presents readily comprehensible guidelines and working tools towards the creation of an equitable and inclusive human habitat.  

2021. Jaron Lubin discusses the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority 2030 Masterplan at 100+ TechnoBuild

1967. Moshe Safdie discusses Three-Dimensional Building Systems with the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Published in Events on October 7, 2021

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