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Moshe Safdie, in conversation with Carrie Yoon, speaks to Humanizing Megascale

Moshe Safdie joins the 85th season of Thursday Morning Talks delivering a lecture on Humanizing Megascale: how cities are becoming denser, and what we need to do to make them humane and habitable. Mr. Safdie highlights the role of community and the public realm within urban areas of high density. He discusses the interdisciplinary effort required to create such spaces with moderator, Carrie Yoon, with whom Mr. Safdie has worked with for over twenty years.

Thursday Morning Talks, originally dubbed The Refreshing Hour in 1936, is a series of lectures taking place every Thursday through January and February of each year. It features a wide variety of topics not only including design but also health care reform, the environment, education, gender equality and more. Thursday Morning Talks, in collaboration with Harvard Book Store, is organized by and for the benefit of Mount Auburn Hospital.

Published in Events on February 4, 2021

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