Project Update | Habitat Qinhuangdao Phase II

Safdie Architects and Kerry Properties have announced the second phase of Habitat Qinhuangdao, a high-density residential complex located on the coast of the Bohai Sea, 200 miles east of Beijing. Adding over 1,000 units distributed across two 30-story terraced buildings, Phase II doubles the initial development which opened in 2017. Habitat Qinhuangdao offers high density housing in a garden environment, combining private terraces, balconies, and solariums with numerous public gardens, at the ground and in the sky.

“The increased density of today’s cities requires us to rethink building types to maintain a sense of community, while ensuring privacy and private outdoor space. Habitat Qinhuangdao offers a new model for high density housing, one where the level of amenities surpasses that of the typical high-rise complex, without sacrificing the structure’s efficiency or humanity.”

– Moshe Safdie

Responding to local ordinances requiring every unit receive at least three hours of sunlight even during the shortest days of winter, units are designed to maximize sunlight across the entire building, including both north and south facing orientations. The daylight and views from multiple directions results in a light and airy complex, profoundly affecting the quality of life of the project.   

To enhance and extend the garden environment at the base of the Phase I towers, Safdie Architects is working with Shanghai-based WAA landscape architects to integrate community gardens that host a range of dynamic activities and events. Four ground level gardens, each an interpretation of Qinhuangdao’s natural environment, will offer distinct experiences to the residents. Interactive children’s playgrounds, a landscaped amphitheater, planted promenades and a system of ponds, fountains and streams are deployed across the development. Additional communal garden and pool areas are created at the 15th and 30th levels of the buildings, atop the link bridges which connect the terraced buildings.

Learn more about Kerry Properties here.

Project Credits

Design Architect: Safdie Architects

Local Design Institute: China Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd

Landscape Architect: WAA Landscape Architects

Published in Events on July 24, 2021