Article | Moshe Safdie’s unrealized dream for Habitat 67 may finally be coming true

Fast Company

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In light of the upcoming publication of Moshe Safdie’s memoir If Walls Could Speak, Moshe joined an interview with Fast Company to discuss his long-standing interest in mega-scale buildings, specifically through persistently advocating the unbuilt Habitat projects to come true. In addition, he mentioned that he sees Habitat’s design philosophy continue to influence the next generation’s designers.

Fast Company: “How have you had the perseverance to keep pursuing [Habitat] projects even though for various reasons they often don’t get realized?”

Moshe Safdie: "It’s a combination of conviction and a character that is persistent. I just don’t give up. Mamilla in Jerusalem took me more than 35 years to realize. It wouldn’t be there if I didn’t persist. I was the only one there, alone at some points, pushing for it. I think you’ve got to be passionate and have a strong conviction, but you have to have a character that doesn’t get tired."

Published in Media on September 16, 2022