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"With Intention to Build" ©2022 all rights reserved by Helen Han Creative

With Intention to Build is a joint effort between Safdie Architects and filmmaker Helen Han of Helen Han Creative. The short film features physical models of five notable unbuilt projects as an essential visual addition to Safdie Architects’s With Intention to Build exhibition on show at Boston Architectural College from now to January 2nd, 2023.  The film provides a unique lens to discover the refined design details of Safdie Architects' unreailzed projects expressed in physical models. 

“When you look at the body of the unbuilt work with few exceptions it is some of the most significant work we’ve done. Some of it is radical and adventurous, pushing out of the frame or box.”

– Moshe Safdie 

“Moshe's insistence on physical model making allows people to collectively imagine the unbuilt work together. The film simply tries to share a more intimate engagement with them."  

– Helen Han

Film credits:

Produced by Helen Han Creative, LLC 

Music by Kenyatta Beasley

Published in Media on November 9, 2022

Tags: Film