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To mark the 50th episode of Talking Beats with Daniel Lelchuk, Moshe Safdie joined the program for a wide-ranging discussion about architecture, about music and about their likeness. The host of the show, lifelong concert cellist Daniel Lelchuk, has become known as an interviewer with a unique and captivating ability to engage in spirited, substantive, and unforgettable conversation with the most fascinating figures in the world---and this conversation is no exception.  

"I try to think that anything I do...must reach for the kind of spiritual, in the sense that is uplifting, and makes you feel better as a human being." - Moshe Safdie

What is the role of an architect? What does the intersection of utility and art look like? Can a physical structure ever contain the spiritual power that great music possesses? How does a master architect, who must delegate, inspire, and ultimately empower those around him, resemble a great maestro standing on the podium in front of an orchestra?

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Published in Media on October 2, 2020

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