Exhibit | A Window to the Beginning

Trace a timeline back to the inception of Exploration Place with sketches and drawings from Moshe Safdie

Exploration Place showcases Moshe Safdie's sketches for the museum while celebrating its 20th anniversary! After two decades, the museum continues to thrive. Adam Smith, the center's president, commends its historic impact on Witchita and Safdie's consideration towards creating an efficient, pleasurable space. The exhibition gives insight into the design considerations, from engaging the site's river bank to the unique use of toroidal geometry. 

"It was a seminal project for our practice in many ways. "

- Moshe Safdie

The sketches are composed into curated Folios by Israeli artist, Maty Grunberg. He accentuates Moshe Safdie’s way of thinking and creating through sketches and drawings. Hand-crafted with skill, intention and close collaboration with Mr. Safdie, Grunberg’s assembly of the drawings follows Safdie’s creative thought process to portray the evolution of creating architecture from the viewpoint of a master Architect.

Published in Events on October 8, 2020