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Jaron Lubin on Daylight and Geometry in the Built Environment

Speaking at the 2020 Zak World of Facades Virtual Festival, Jaron Lubin delved into the relationship between daylight and geometry and how it impacts the on the public realm. Discussing the core principles that have driven the design at Safdie Architects for the last 50 years, he examined the responsibility of architects to design buildings for the people who use them.  

"Perhaps another model could be to judge the buildings that we put in our city centers based on quality of life and quality of light. The spirit of how one quantifies the quality of building in the city requires a new metric "

- Jaron Lubin

Started in 2012, the Zak World of Facades conference series has become a globally renowned event promoting new concepts, best practices and current trends in the building envelope segment. The event has completed 75 editions in 25 countries. 2020's virtual event included keynote presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, candid tête-à-tête, whitepaper launches and more over 4 months. 

Published in Events on August 19, 2020

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