Collegiate Church Tower

New York, New York, 2015 / Unbuilt

The new mixed-use building respects and celebrates the historic aesthetic and architectural character of the adjacent Marble Collegiate Church and creates a new public garden directly west of the Church.

The mixed use building provides new administrative and programming space for the congregation and community. The stone massing of the building's base relates to the scale of the historic church, the new garden and the neighborhood, while the more transparent residential tower above relates to the scale of the New York City skyline.

With a masonry base containing spaces for church functions, that echoes the scale of the neighboring historic buildings, the residential tower above relates to the scale of the skyline.

By shifting the majority of the massing along 30th Street, a new public garden is created facing 29th Street, and forming a green zone alongside the existing church. Eight levels of space for the church's current and future needs are in the base of the residential tower.

The base floors of the building are clad in limestone that has been carefully selected to complement the marble of the church and detailed to respect the historic nature of the streetscape.