Safdie Architects Promotes Four Senior Partners

Charu Kokate, Christopher Mulvey, Jaron Lubin, and Sean Scensor partner with Founder Moshe Safdie in leading the design studio

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Safdie Architects today announced the appointment of long-time Partners Charu Kokate, Christopher Mulvey, Jaron Lubin, and Sean Scensor as Senior Partners who will continue to lead the global practice alongside founder Moshe Safdie. Building upon the framework of the partnership initiated over a decade ago, the appointment represents the strategic evolution of the practice and extension of the firm’s 60-year trajectory. This new structure consolidates executive leadership responsibilities, which will be shared equally between the senior partners. Founding Partner Moshe Safdie will remain active in the day-to-day operations of the firm, working closely with the Senior Partners to lead the firm. 

“This firm has always been a place where architects, early in their career, are given enormous opportunity to develop their creative, technical and leadership skills to craft buildings of the highest quality. Over a decade ago, I set in motion the process of restructuring the firm as a partnership, creating pathways for younger architects to develop as future leaders. Since that time, I have been transferring significant responsibility to a select group of architects who embraced the values and ideals that drive our work, and who have increasingly taken on responsibility for both projects and running the practice.”

“The appointment of Charu, Chris, Jaron and Sean as Senior Partners recognizes not only that they are a team with exceptional, diverse, and complimentary talents – and formidable experience-- but also the collective manner in which they lead the practice into the future.”

Moshe Safdie

Kokate, Mulvey, Lubin, and Scensor, who have worked alongside each other and with Safdie for almost 20 years, have been instrumental in the success of the practice. They have worked on many of the studio’s most iconic projects, including the United States Institute of Peace (Washington, D.C.), Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (Singapore), Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, Arkansas), Jewel Changi Airport (Singapore), and Raffles City Chongqing (China).

Published in Events on August 30, 2022